Every company has its own challenges risks when it comes to finances; be it increasing funding needs or financial planning to making your capital work the hardest for you.
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Financial Advisory Services

An advisory project with us in financial management can meet the following needs from your organization.

> Fund Raising Exercise from Venture Capitalist (VC), Private Equity (PE), etc
> Advisory for Grants from SPRING Singapore, IDA, MDA and IE Singapore (i.e PIC, CCI, GCP, iJam, TECS, TIS, etc)
> Financial Planning and Budgeting
> Cash Flow and Working Capital Management
> Financial Assessment and Planning for Growth
> Business Valuation for M&A, fund raising and divestment
> Business Plan Preparation

ACCE is also able to customise solutions based on your organisational needs.

Startup Advisory Services

Our unique entrepreneurship advisory services are specailly tailored by startups for the 21st century. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step and we would like that take those initial first steps with you. Our advisory services includes the following areas.

> Business Feasibility and Planning
> Strategy and Execution Planning
> Fund Raising
> Valuation
> Business Plan Writing
> IT outsourcing advisory

Every startup has its own set of challenges and at ACCE, we will provide personalized services to your company to ensure that your company has the best chance of success.

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